What is an ozone generator?

 An ozone generator is a device that sucks in air from 1 side, passes it through an area
where electrical discharges turn the Co2 into O3. The device is placed inside a room or
vehicle, when there are no animals or humans present, the device can be turned on.
 After a certain amount of time (depends on level of odor and size of room), the device is
turned off. The room or vehicle is then opened up to let the ozone filled air blow away.
 After the gas is completely gone, the room is safe to enter. Ozone is especially effective
to clean air and remove smoke odors. Ozone doesn’t linger for very long, the gas will
quickly decay into diatomic oxygen. This treatment can also be used to disinfect fabrics
during the wash process.

Why use an ozone generator?

When a room has a source of bad odor, or certain types of dirt is very difficult to remove,
the generator can help to get rid of the bad smell. Its advantage is that it works on its
own. You set it up, turn it on and leave it for a certain amount of time. It can remove odor
from the air inside the room, but also has a slight effect on certain sources of bad odor.
This is very handy when the source of the bad odor is hidden behind a panel, or
unreachable for other reasons.

Using an ozone generator

 Use of the generator is not overly difficult, however care should be taken when using
one to minimize the risk involved.

•    Make absolutely sure that no animals or humans are the room or vehicle.

•    Place the device inside the room or car, or use a hose to blow the ozone inside

     the vehicle through the window if using a hose from outside.

•    Run the generator between 30 minutes and 2 hours (the manual will help to

      determine how long it is needed).

•    Open all doors to let the gas dissipate, it will carry a strange smell which might

      linger for a few days. Repeat the above steps if the interior still has an unpleasant smell.

•     Wait for at least 2 hours with all the doors wide open before getting inside the

       room or vehicle.

•     The smell of ozone might remain for a few days, but the unpleasant odor should

       have been removed.

Safe or Unsafe?

 There are several reasons why people disagree or agree with the use of an ozone

generator in the world of detailing. Due to the level of expertise needed in different field

to fully judge these parameters, there has yet to be made a conclusive decision about its

use. The points mentioned below or only arguments that have been said, none have

been scientifically proven in real world usage.


•    Ozone quickly decays in diatomic oxygen.

•    Large quantities are needed to cause serious harm to living animals.

•    It is widely used to kill bacteria on food or on contact surfaces, it can even be

      used to sanitize swimming pools.

•     It is approved to be used in water plants to kill parasites It is approved to be used

      in hospitals where it is used to decontaminate surgery rooms.

•    50ppm is considered lethal for humans, which would require a very large ozone

     generator to run for several hours.


Ozone will attack any polymers, including the polymers that make up rubbers and


•    It should never be used in an occupied room!

•    It has been proven that large concentrations can be harmful, which is possible in

      unventilated rooms.

•    It has been proven that regular use of an ozone generator can harm certain parts

     of the interior. This treatment should therefore be used very sparingly.