The Company began business in 1968. Metro Company Limited is a company which runs both import and export.


The main imports are chemical used in all kinds of industries namely chemical, fertilizers, insecticides, plastic pellets, textile-materials, food, chemicals metals and materials for industries.


MC INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has been established, a subsidiary of Metro Company Limited, due to the expansion of our company, we import and distribute wide-ranging of Basic chemicals, Solvents for industrial uses, Textiles, Plastics.


OG Corporation Japan is one of the most reputable and capable companies playing an important role in Japanese economy for nearly one hundred year has decided to put a lot of investment for joint venture with MC Since 2015.
The purpose of this business unique is to utillize the scope of experiences and ability of both parties in term of sales force, various kinds of facilities and associated overseas branches located in so many countries to source out the
material in order to serve the requirement of the customers to the maximum satisfaction level.

On top of this, we always keep in mind of full reponsibility and good support to the green marketing regarding the fundamental fact of life for the environmental community as a whole.